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I am a scientist by training but an artist at heart. Currently going to grad school for more 'practical' training. I love to sew, cook and craft so this is my journal of my more artistic experiments.

New York City Weekend – Fabric & Shopping Part 2

This is a continuation of my last post on my recent NYC weekend adventure. On Saturday, I attended a Kenneth King talk hosted by PatternReview Weekend. Kenneth was very entertaining; I could spend hours listening to him speak. Here is a picture of him and the clown hair … Continue reading

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New York City Weekend – Fabric Fun Part 1

Last weekend was a weekend of firsts for me. Before then, I have never traveled across the country for a sewing event. I have also never been to the New York City garment district nor explored the NYC neighborhoods. This all … Continue reading

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Featured By My Sewing Idol!

My classes and exams are over and I have tried to get back in the groove of sewing and blogging again. It has been crazy the past few weeks and I was seriously sleep-deprived. So imagine my shock and delight when … Continue reading

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Guest Post by The Perfect Nose & La Mia Boutique Giveaway

I am currently in the thick of preparing for my finals and masters exams so I won’t be able to sew nor blog at all for the next few weeks. TJ from The Perfect Nose is guest posting for me today. She has a couple … Continue reading

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Cool Surprises in the Mail!

Yay- I received 2 packages of goodies in the mail yesterday! It was a very happy day. This was after checking my post office box almost every day for 2 weeks and finding either nothing or junk mail. I had signed up for … Continue reading

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Burda Style Mag 5/2012 Project Picks

I have an upcoming exam this week so all my free time has been consumed by preparing for it. Thus, I haven’t been able to do much sewing lately. 😦  Additionally, I have final exams in 2 weeks and a comprehensive masters … Continue reading

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Burda Pattern Stashing

PATTERN SALE ALERT: For those of you who are fortunate to live near a Hancocks Fabrics store, this message is for you. Hancocks Fabrics is having one of their rare $2.49 sales on Burda Patterns from April 5 to April 9. I actually … Continue reading

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My Inspration Board

I am participating in The Perfect Nose’s “The one cool thing, one strange thing swap” and I am excited about it. Nothing is more fun than surprises and hopefully it will be a happy surprise. As part of the swap, we … Continue reading

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McCall 6172 Jacket: Past the Hardest Bits?

I haven’t had time to sew or post lately- graduate school & life got in the way. However, I am happy that I am past the hardest bits of this jacket. I finished pad-stitching the collar and lapel. My pad-stitching became better & more consistent … Continue reading

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McCalls Jacket Muslin Done. Getting Ready for Pad Stitching Love

Just finished fitting my jacket muslin. McCalls 6172 is an excellent pattern. It is from Palmer/Pletsch and has many common fitting adjustments printed right on the pattern. It was relatively easy to adjust the pattern for a flattering fit. I didn’t have … Continue reading

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