Patterns and Postcards in the Mail Part 2

I have been behind on blogging lately. The past few weeks been crazy and all my time has been spent helping out family. And it’s not getting any easier because now Christmas is coming up. I am tempted to leave the country for a few weeks and avoid all the holiday craziness! So, sadly – no progress to share on my ongoing projects.

I do have loads to share on my swapping and shopping adventures though (I always seem to carve out time for that!). I received more goodness in the mail from the Patterns and Postcards swap I have been  playing along with. I love these intercontinental swaps!

My first parcel was from Beata of Tatulinka’s Tales. I swapped for the Burda Couture and she kindly threw in the cute vintage McCalls and OOP Butterick patterns.

The next parcel was from Natasha of Cheeky ChaCha. I have long hunted for this OOP Burda 7658 and was gleeful that Natasha was offering it up for swap. She also surprised me with this cool blue fabric and nautical trim! I also got a kick out of the postcard from Wagga Wagga, N.S.W. Natasha wanted to send a quirky card so she took a 5 hour day trip to Wagga Wagga just to send me this card. Thanks Natasha- I appreciate it!

Thanks again Beata and Natasha for the cool goodies!

About Javie

I am a scientist by training but an artist at heart. Currently going to grad school for more 'practical' training. I love to sew, cook and craft so this is my journal of my more artistic experiments.
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3 Responses to Patterns and Postcards in the Mail Part 2

  1. Niice! That Butterick looks really cool and so does the burda 7658-can’t wait to see what you make!

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