Domestic Goddess Apron

Check out my latest domestic goddess creation! I was inspired by Tj’s Apron-o-rama and impulsively decided Sunday evening to join in the fun. Karen at Did You Make That? was hosting an Apron-a-long and it instantly appealed to me. I was just recovering from a nasty flu caught after traveling cross-country for the last 3 weeks. I was in no mood to work on anything challenging.

Amy Butler Domestic Goddess Apron

No need to hunt for an appropriate pattern either. I have several apron patterns in the stash including this cute Amy Butler AB037DG apron pattern.

I was hoping to whip this out Sunday but it shockingly took me a couple of days to finish the apron. This is no 2 hour pattern. There were no less than 23 pleats that had to be sewn for this apron! Sewing the pleats was like sewing 23 darts!

I do love how this apron came out though. It would make a great gift. The fabric is Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush/Mixed Signals home dec weight cotton (from my favorite local indie fabric store, The Needle Shop in Chicago).

The Amy Butler directions were very detailed for an apron pattern. I followed most of it but added a second line of stitching 1/4″ from the skirt edge-stitching for reinforcement. I also had to deviate from the pocket instructions so I could match the fabric stripes.

Here is the side view. The apron has a handy towel loop.

Domestic Goddess Apron Side View

Also, on the cover picture of the pattern, the hem-line looks asymmetric but the hem on the pattern is not. I was thankful for that because I prefer a level hem and I was going to hack off the annoying excess if needed.

Overall a winner!

About Javie

I am a scientist by training but an artist at heart. Currently going to grad school for more 'practical' training. I love to sew, cook and craft so this is my journal of my more artistic experiments.
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10 Responses to Domestic Goddess Apron

  1. Woo this is awesome! I love the pintucks in the middle and the perfectly matched pockets!

  2. sewbussted says:

    I am really enjoying all the aprons. The pleats were a lot of work, but well worth the effort. Love the feminine aspect of the apron.

  3. Man this isn’t just an apron its a garment with all those pleats. Looks cool too – do you use it?

  4. velosewer says:

    I love this apron.The details are impressive and the fabric you’ve used is great.

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