Vegas Eats & Sweets

This post is a continuation of my series on favorite places to visit in Las Vegas (Warning: picture heavy).

I know I mentioned in my earlier post that I avoid the Strip as much as possible but there are some exceptions to this. If you are a foodie or enjoy fine dining, most of the best restaurants are on the Strip.

There may be some controversy about this but I find it difficult to recommend anything off the Strip that can surpass the quality of dining that can be had on the Strip. Anything cheaper? Yes. Anything better? No.

Case in point: name a famous chef. Wolfgang Puck. Emeril Lagasse. Bobby Flay. Jose Andrés. Yes, it is highly probable that they have a restaurant on the Strip and it rivals any restaurant in cities like NYC.

On my bucket list is to someday have the 16 course Degustation tasting menu at Joel Robuchon’s at the MGM. Robuchon’s french cuisine will set you back $425/person but it does include a complimentary limo ride to the MGM if desired.  I mention this because it puts everything in perspective. That $28/person buffet meal now sounds like a bargain.

You can easily drop a lot of dollars in this town if you want to. Of course, on the low-end are the $5.99 buffets. We mostly avoid them because you get what you pay for and I also became violently ill at a cheap buffet once.

For entertainment, Mr. Dashing, mom and I like to explore the newest casinos on the Strip.  We have been to most of the Strip casinos and I’ll tell you, there are definitely high-end and low-end ones. We prefer to saunter around in the high-end ones.

For this trip, we decided to investigate the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino. The Cosmo opened on the Strip early last year to great fanfare.

The Cosmo has a modern, sleek, hip vibe. Suspended from the ceiling were curtains of strung glass baubles. There was this huge red stiletto near one of the entrances.

Inside the Cosmopolitan

Inside the Cosmopolitan

We decided to check out the Wicked Spoon, the buffet at the resort.

Now, I am partial to the buffet at the Wynn resort (love that they label top allergens at the food stations). I was curious how the Wicked Spoon would compare.

Well, the Wicked Spoon is a very close second to the Wynn buffet (Mr. Dashing declared it his new favorite). The presentation was clever. Everything was served in individual tasting plates or pots.

A good strategy here would be to go with a group of people and have everyone get different dishes. Then share the dishes among the group, tapas style.

After eating, we dropped off mom at the casino slots and ventured to the shopping area of the hotel. I was instantly drawn to this store with a floor to ceiling display of vintage sewing machines!

All Saints Spitalfields Store Front

This shop is All Saints Spitalfields and is based in London. Is anyone else familiar with this store? This was the first time I have ever been in an All Saints and I have never heard of it before. The clothing there is edgy. Steam punk or vintage romantic gothic would be my best attempt of describing the style. However, I was a real geek and scarcely looked at the clothes. I was fascinated by the brooding early industrial post-apocalyptic décor . This place is worth a look around just for the dark aesthetic.

There were lots of industrial machines that looked like it came from a shuttered textile mill. And check out this manual powered Singer machine.

I wonder what this machine is for? A loom perhaps?

Mr. Dashing, interrupted my reverie. “Can you make this for me? It would be a great anniversary present!” He was holding this Coimbra jacket with narrow notch lapels and double welt pockets on one side. I looked at the jacket. “Sure. We’ll see. I guess I know how to tailor jackets now.” I wonder if he realizes the number of hours it would take to tailor a men’s jacket and that there is a risk that it will go out of style. I do admire his adventurous sense of style though. I’ll give it a shot. The things we do for love…..

We then walked over the Aria resort and stopped in Jean Philippe, a nearby sweet shop. The Jean Philippe patisserie is one of our favorite places to stop for a sandwich or sweet snack. Aren’t these miniature wedding cakes wonderful? Also love this chocolate dragon sculpture. I will end with these amazing images of candied art!


About Javie

I am a scientist by training but an artist at heart. Currently going to grad school for more 'practical' training. I love to sew, cook and craft so this is my journal of my more artistic experiments.
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4 Responses to Vegas Eats & Sweets

  1. sewbussted says:

    You’re changing my mind about Las Vegas. I’m not a gambler, so I’ve never had a desire to go, but thanks to your little travel guide, I think I just may put it on the list.

    • Javie says:

      Thanks! I don’t gamble either but ever since my parents moved out here, I thought I would give the city a chance and explore the area. As a foodie and crafter, there were still plenty of amusements. My post was getting impossibly long but I was going to add that for a sewist, window shopping at the Crystals at City Center is a must. Awesome collection of couture luxury retailers in one area.

  2. velosewer says:

    It sounds like LV is becoming a second home. NZ is my second home because of family too.
    It was nice the Mr D can see that you have good tailoring skills. My DH is happy to get the basics, once in a while – thankfully 🙂

    • Javie says:

      Hee hee- I should probably complete a few basics for Mr. D before diving in the jacket project. I fear that the jacket will be long out of style by the time I finish it for him!

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