My Inspration Board

I am participating in The Perfect Nose’s “The one cool thing, one strange thing swap” and I am excited about it. Nothing is more fun than surprises and hopefully it will be a happy surprise. As part of the swap, we have to put together an inspiration board and list styles and colors that define you. I found this to be a fascinating exercise. This is my inspiration board:

My inspiration board. From

My favorite colors: All shades of violet (e.g. aubergine, plum, lavender, lilac), black, navy, dark grey, and blueish-red colors

My favorite styles: simple design lines, tailored/classic styles, easy knits and japanese style

My favorite fabric content and/or type: natural fabrics, wools, silks, rayon, menswear, cool small-scale graphic prints

I realize that some people may look at my list and think “How boring”. Well, I really don’t care what others think. I love timeless things and love the idea that something I make today can be pulled out 10 years later and still be stylish and wearable. After all, I put a lot of time and tears into the clothes I make so I want them to be wearable for a loooong time. I don’t mind occasionally making quick & trendy things but 80% of my clothes are classics.

Just admit it- it’s just awkward to see someone wearing something and be able to name the year that is was from. Just look at old 80’s photos as an example (Yikes! What were we all thinking?!?).

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About Javie

I am a scientist by training but an artist at heart. Currently going to grad school for more 'practical' training. I love to sew, cook and craft so this is my journal of my more artistic experiments.
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2 Responses to My Inspration Board

  1. Anne W says:

    I’m so with you with the greys, blues and the classics! Look forward to seeing what you get in the post!

    • Javie says:

      Thanks Anne! I just mailed my packet yesterday. It was a bit sad for me initially, I felt like I was giving up one of my pets. I’m over it now. 😉 . I hope the recipient is happy with the bundle. Look forward to seeing your post of what you get too!

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