My First Burda Muslin

I have always wanted to make something from the Burda Style magazine. I am familiar with the big 4 patterns but have never made anything from a magazine before. I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. This dress was my first attempt at Burda.

Burda Style Aug 2011 Dress #125

I traced dress #125 from the August 2011 issue. What a pain. I wish that there weren’t so many styles and sizes printed on the same sheet of paper. Maybe there is an easier way to trace these.

I then made a muslin since I am petite and this pattern was for a giant person. Surprisingly, I only had to do a few minor adjustments to get the fit right despite the size difference. Here are pictures of the front and back of the muslin.

Burda 8-2011 #125 Front of muslin

Burda 8-2011 #125 Back of muslin

Some modifications I made to the muslin:

  1. Let out side seam allowances of the bodice about 3/8″
  2. Took in side seam allowances of skirt to reduce fullness (5/8″-7/8″)
  3. Reduced length of scarf
  4. Raised neckline about 1″ (needed to adjust at sleeves also)
  5. Raised waistline at the bodice
  6. Shorten the skirt length (typical for me)

Whew! So far so good….. Now to cut the real stuff!

About Javie

I am a scientist by training but an artist at heart. Currently going to grad school for more 'practical' training. I love to sew, cook and craft so this is my journal of my more artistic experiments.
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2 Responses to My First Burda Muslin

  1. Nice. Their height adjustments are pretty consistent, which is one thing I like about Burda compared to the American pattern companies.

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